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If you'd like to contribute to our resources please send your material through to


Download a summary of the updated rules for 2024 

Please familiarise yourself with the updated netball rules for 2024 onwards.

There are resources available on the World Netball website - videos and single page explainers. Available here


You can go straight to the World Netball Youtube explainer videos here 


* NSNA Introduces rollings subs for 2024 Winter season (Saturday games only, not Friday night Juniors or Net-Set-Go) * Download PDF 

Before you hit the court: ​

  • If you play for Northbridge, your priority is to umpire for Northbridge. 

  • No Northbridge umpire should enter into an agreement with another club to umpire for that club, be it for one game or a season. Any umpiring for another club must be discussed with and approved by the Northbridge Umpiring Convenor.

  • Ensure you have supplied both your rules of netball exam & foundation umpires certificates to the Northbridge Umpiring Convenor for their records.

  • Be sure you are appropriately qualified to umpire your allotted game, if you are unsure speak to the Northbridge Netball Umpiring Convenor or refer to the NSNA Umpiring Handbook.

  • Make sure you are in suitable attire, white top and white skort. We have Northbridge Netball Umpires Uniforms available to our umpires at no cost. See Marie if required.

  • Ensure you have a loud, clear whistle & a hair elastic or something else to keep track of centre passes

  • Bring water 

  • If it's hot wear sunscreen and a hat


To commence umpiring you must complete:

You can commence umpiring in the year you are turning 12, if that's you and you'd like to get started umpiring, reach out to us at:


Once you've completed the Rules of Netball Exam and the Foundation Umpire Course, it's important to gain some some practical umpiring experience. Then why not take your umpiring a step further and gain a level or badge!

A request for badging or levelling can only be submitted to NSNA through the Northbridge Umpiring Convenor. Speak with the convenor about if you're ready and when an assessment can take place.

Badges & Levels assessed at Northern Suburbs Netball are as follows, click on the badge / level to see requirements:  

If you would like to be paired with an umpiring coach or mentor, either as a new umpire or a more experienced umpire wanting to move up levels / badges please make it known to the Northbridge Umpiring Convenor. 

You will then be paired with a suitable coach / mentor to support you in your learning and development.

If you would like to assist with umpiring coaching or mentoring please speak to the Northbridge Umpiring Convenor.



Net-Set-Go is modified rules, using low rings, for 7 to 9 year olds. There is one umpire who moves around on the court umpiring/coaching both teams equally.

To umpire Net-Set-Go you should complete the Rules of Netball theory exam with a pass mark of 70%+

For many, this will be their first exposure to Netball, therefore umpires for Net-Set-Go should facilitate players learning and development throughout the game rather than strictly enforcing the rules.

Umpires are paid per game. Umpiring payments are made mid-season (after round 8) and at the end of the season (after Grand Finals).

You should supply your banking information to the Northbridge Umpiring Convenor and advise asap if your banking details change.

If you do not respond to the mid-season correspondence about umpiring payments, you will be paid in full in the end of season payments. 



Netball NSW provides the following resources as part of their community umpires toolkit (click to download)

You can find courses and workshops run by Netball NSW here

Information on umpiring by Netball Australia can be found here

Netball Australia information on Umpiring Accreditation can be found here 

There are also many videos about Netball Umpiring available on Youtube 

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