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Umpires are a vital part of the game. Umpires not only facilitate the game but ensure the rules are applied fairly and equitably for all. Umpiring is great exercise and you'll develop a range of personal attributes too. Get involved!


There are many benefits to being an umpire and reasons to take up umpiring: 

  • You'll gain a sense of achievement by facilitating a game for 14 or more players.

  • You'll learn how to troubleshoot and make decisions on the fly during a game.

  • You'll develop your teamwork skills in working with your co-umpire.

  • You'll have a sense of pride when you achieve a level or badge.

  • You'll know you've given back to the game of netball.

  • You'll improve your own play, with your in-depth knowledge of the rules.

  • You'll develop your confidence in taking charge of the game.

  • You'll make new friends in the umpiring community.

  • You'll be paired with an umpiring coach or mentor if desired. 

  • You'll get paid for each game.

If you're interested in finding out more about umpiring, like how to get started or the levelling and badging criteria, check out our umpiring resources page.

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