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Find a team manager checklist & tips below. 

Enjoy your season and good luck!

Before the season starts


  • Make sure you have a team list, with contact information for all players / parents.

  • Decide upon the best method to communicate with your team (text messages, whatsapp group, email). Consider if there is a last minute forfeit or wash-out, how will you get a timely message to everyone?  


  • Juniors & Net-Set-Go training is on MondaysSee training dates in our calendar.

  • Seniors training is optional, if you would like to train please advise Marie your nominated day & time so a court can be booked for you.


  • Confirm the competition dates (available on the NSNA website or the calendar page of this website) & find out from your players any dates that they will be away, if there are any dates identified that you will be short of players you can arrange early on to "borrow" from another team (subject to you borrowing from the correct age/grade and prior approval from Marie).

  • It is a good idea for Team Managers to familiarise themselves with the NSNA playing up grid, so Team Managers are aware of the age groups & teams you're able to borrow players from, should you need to do so during the season. If you use a player illegally competition points may be deducted.


  • Pick up your kit bag from Marie. If you are going to train organise with your teams coach who will collect your bag (be sure to let Marie know when you would like to collect it) before your first training or on the day, if you are not training you can organise to collect your bag before the season starts or the day of round 1.


  • Follow the Northern Suburbs Netball social accounts to get updates in regards to wet weather and postponement of games. Click here to follow


  • There is to be no "borrowing" of players without prior consent / agreement from Marie. When you are aware you will need to "borrow" players from another team, double check the playing up grid (which you will have familiarised yourself with pre-season) and contact Marie asap. Marie can put you in touch with the team mangers of those teams that you are able to borrow from, for you to arrange the player/s you require. Do not organise directly to "borrow" from another team, don't grab someone you see at the courts to play for you. You MUST record "borrowed" players details on the score sheet, if you don't record their details or borrow an ineligible player, competition points may be deducted.


  • You should make every effort not to forfeit, however, if your team needs to forfeit a game, make sure this is done as early as possible so all parties can be informed. You need to email Marie ( and detail the date of the forfeit, timeslot and opposition. Your responsibility does not end when you hit send, you need to ensure that you receive a reply acknowledging your forfeit, you may need to follow up with a phone call to Marie (especially if it is a late forfeit).

  • If your team is receiving a forfeit, your team manager will be advised and should inform the team as quickly as possible.



  • The Team Manager should score or appoint a scorer for each game. The scorer should stand mid-court with a scorer from the other team and sign off on the score at the conclusion of the game. The scoresheet is the official record of the score, any issues related to the score cannot be reviewed after the scorers have signed off on the score and / or submitted the official scoresheet.


  • If you do have any requests for re-grading, please highlight these to Marie for her to review and determine if this should be lodged with NSNA. This should be done 2 rounds before the middle of the season & there needs to be a very strong case for your team to move divisions.

  • Check play hq to ensure there are no mid-season regradings that impact your division, if you move to another division your game times may change, if another team moves into your division your draw for the remainder of the season may change.


  • If your team has made the semi finals / finals / grand finals - CONGRATULATIONS! - (semi finals are played at the same timeslot you played during the season) finals and grand finals are played at different times to your regular timeslot, ensure you know what time you're playing and inform the team.


  • Organise a team function to celebrate a great season - win, lose or draw.

  • Consider getting your coach a gift.


  • Return your kit bag to Marie.

If you run into any issues during the season, need any support or have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch. GO NORTHBRIDGE!



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